Menzies Macau receives 2022 Safety Award

13th January 2023

Menzies Macau is delighted to be granted the 2022 Safety Award for achieving an outstanding safety record throughout our operation.

2022 was a tough year for Menzies Macau. In addition to the Covid-19 epidemic raging impact, the outstanding safety record also demonstrated all the hard work and devotion the Macau team exerted through the year.

In recognition of our outstanding performance, Menzies Aviation awarded Menzies Macau Station with an “Safety Award for 2022” for maintaining an excellent safety record with Zero ‘Cat A’ Incident at Macau International Airport.

Safety is our No. 1 Priority! That’s the Menzies Spirit. The Menzies Spirit is our core values, the essence of all Menzies’ people.

Congratulations to all, a job well done and lets continue to deliver a safe and secure operation!

Menzies Aviation is a global aviation service provider delivering time-critical logistics services at over 250 airports in 58 countries across the world. Macau station continues to be one of their most successful operations with a proven track record for safety and service excellence.

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