Menzies Macau repatriation flight in collaboration with the Macau Philippines Consulate

29th June 2020

A Menzies Macau Airport Services (MMAS) charter flight from Macau to Manila successfully took off on this afternoon the 29th June 2020, demonstrating the close collaboration between MMAS, the Macau Philippines Consulate and our base carrier, Air Macau.

Over the past few months, due to the ongoing changes in local conditions, a number of the MMAS staff decided to leave Macau and wished to return home; however, the lack of commercial flights created a great hurdle for all the staff involved.

Consequently, MMAS has focused its efforts in assisting the staff’s repatriation back to the Philippines, with the extensive support of the Macau Philippines Consulate as well as Air Macau and the flight on 29th June 2020 was the result.

Mark Campbell, Managing Director of MMAS, along with his management team greeted each ex-Menzies staff at the airport as they boarded the flight. MMAS also extended further appreciation by offering each staff member an ex-gratia allowance to accompany their journey back home making the repatriation that little bit easier for all involved.

As a 25 years long-standing corporation, the Company’s success is undoubtedly built on each and every of its dedicated staff. It is unfortunate to see people leave but the company’s utmost gratitude for its employees remains.

We wish everyone the best of luck moving forward.

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