Business Enquiry to Menzies Macau Airport Services Ltd.

Thank you for your interest in Menzies Macau Airport Services. We are a full-service ground service provider at Macau International Airport, offering Passenger Services, Load Control Ramp and Baggage Services, Cabin Cleaning & Water Services, Cargo Handling & Warehousing, and Aircraft Line Maintenance Services.

Tell us more about your airline’s plan to Macau by filling the form. We will respond to your enquiries within 2 working days.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Guideline for Airline.

1. Airline/Carrier Details
Name of Airline :
IATA 2 Letter Code :
Carrier AOC Registry Country :
Company Address :
Person in Charge :
Title :
Telephone : +
E-mail :

2. Contact of GSA/ Charterer (if applicable)
Company Name :
Person in Charge :
Title :
Telephone : +
E-mail :

3. Type of Flight Operation
Commercial Passenger
Special Handling Passenger (e.g. VIP, Celebrities, Special Groups, etc.)
Commercial Cargo
Special Handling Cargo (e.g. DG, Special Delivery, Animals, Valuable Goods, etc.)

Private jets are not handled by Menzies Macau, please contact the FBO for handling.

4. Duration of Operations
One-off charter Long-term

5. Aircraft Types

6. Type of Services Required (tick if applicable)
Passenger Service
Ramp & Baggage
Cabin Cleaning & Water Services
Load Control
Aircraft Line Maintenance Routine Services
Aircraft Line Maintenance Non-Routine Services
Cargo Handling & Warehousing

Arrange for: Catering Services (+10% surcharge applies)
Arrange for: Hotel booking Services (+10% surcharge applies)

7. Flights Details
Period of Operation
Flight Number
Days of Operation

8. Payment Options to Menzies Macau Airport Services Ltd.
a) For one-off operation
Bank prepayment(must receive 7 days before operation)
Credit card onsite

b) Long-term operations
As per SGHA terms and conditions

9. Payment of Airport Fees
a) Direct settlement with Macau International Airport(CAM)
Bank prepayment(contact CAM for details)
Credit card onsite

b) Settlement through Menzies Macau
+10% surcharge applies

10. Additional Remarks
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