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Welcome to Menzies Macau Airport Services Ltd.

Menzies Macau Airport Services is the provider of passenger, ramp, cargo handling and aircraft maintenance services and exists to help airline customers by ensuring they achieve the service and quality standards that their customers demand.

This is a simple statement of fact results from our record of growth and innovation. Our resolve to provide superior services possible, and the satisfaction we gain from a job well done.

Today all our customers in Macau know they can rely on us to look after their passengers, their aircraft and their cargo. Menzies Macau handles 5 million passengers and around 45,000 tones of cargo last year.

This applies to all aspects of our business, punctuality, safety, security, accuracy, efficiency, in fact in every area in that matters to our customers.

As a joint venture of Menzies Aviation, we have the strength and vision to go on developing new and improved services that will enable our customers to flourish in the competitive airline business.

Substantial investments in technology and training means that we are able to offer an premier service to our customers and to our staff.

As a local recognized provider we work hard as a trusted partner to the airline customers.

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